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This LVG CV was 9746/17 and was captured on 29th April 1918. It was allocated the intelligence number G/3 Bde/5. In other words, it was the 5th German machine to be acquired by 3 Brigade since the formation of the Royal Air Force on April 1st 1918.

The original German crew, Unteroffizer Krug (pilot) and Ltn Adler, of Feldflieger Abteilung (A)128 had the misfortune to meet three 70 Sqn Camels and a SESa of 84 Sqn. The Camel pilots were Todd in C1670, by then promoted to Captain and decorated with an MC, Lt VC Chapman, and Lt CF Falkenberg.

It was flown to England for evaluation at Martlesham Heath, and was the subject of a detailed report in Flight magazine for 6th June 1918. The fin numbering in the photograph is its serial and the small lettering on the forward fuselage is a standard three-liner that appeared on all German machines, giving airframe weight, military load and permitted all-up weight. It would appear that this machine, along with several other captured types, was destroyed in a hangar fire at Martlesham in 1921.

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This SESa was H8403 flown by Lt HWL Saunders.


(Thanks are due to Mick Davis for background information about the photographs on this page.)