Postcards from the Front
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Jack Hollyhead, my grandfather, sent various postcards home to Annie ("Nance") while he was serving in France, first in the Coldstream Guards, and then in the Royal Flying Corps. He and Annie got married at Malvern Priory on September 13th 1915, shortly after which he returned to the front. He was certainly back by September 26th because there is a card addressed to Dearest Wife bearing that date. The messages on the cards were subject to military censorship, so they contain very little information about his activities.

Click the pictures shown below to see an enlarged version, including the reverse of the cards:

Bailleul, 25-12-1914 Meteren, 25-12-1914 2-2-1915
2-2-1915 2-2-1915 Béthune, 21-3-1915
Cambrin, 7-7-1915 26-9-1915 22-12-1915
1915 Dunkerque, 12-3-1916 Dunkerque, 12-3-1916
1917 Paris, 25-8-1918

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