Lt. J. Todd
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A Lucky Escape

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This shot-up Camel was flown by Second Liutenant J Todd. It was B7320/P and carried the unit marking of a white zig-zag that was in use from early August 1917 until 22 March 1918, when it was changed to 3 vertical white bars as a counter-intelligence measure during the German push. B7320 had been accepted at Lincoln on January 1st 1918 and was at the Reception Park at St Omer twelve days later. It went on to Air Issues on the 29th, and on to 70 Squadron the next day.


Todd had a successful combat in the machine on February 18th, being credited with sending an Albatross D.V down out of control at 12.15 pm over Staden. There are several photos around of the damage that was caused by the AA fire. Apparently he was lucky to get back.

B7320 was repaired by 70 Squadron but then returned to England on March 15th. It was subsequently used by 86 Squadron which was 'working up' at Wye in Kent. 86 Sqn then moved to Northolt, but it is not known whether B7320 was still on strength.


(Thanks are due to Mrs. C Callow for supplying two of the photographs, and to Mick Davis for the information on this page)