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Football etc.

(Extract from a letter of January 21st 2003)


I am now approaching the four-score mark, but was born at Stambermill and brought up in Stourbridge. Cradley Heath was then very much “industrial” and so did not feature very much in our numerous expeditions. I do recall, however, that from time to time, Stourbridge Football Club, (the “Glassboys”) would be playing Cradley. Part of the entertainment was provided by one of Cradley’s vociferous travelling fans who from time to time throughout the game would bellow , “’Ommer um Craedly !!”

My father who was, in his spare time, a lay preacher for various non-conformist bodies, often spoke of going to Grangers Lane Methodist Church, and another family friend was the director of one of the several iron and steel works in the area. Even your address struck a chord as my grandmother was a Woodhouse.

Later in my teens we moved to Wollaston which made the country west of there more accessible to the bicycle, and I recall long trips on long summer days to the Teme valley. The Teme from Stokesay to Powick was very familiar, but the upper reaches north and west of Ludlow had to be kept for exploration during school and university vacations.

I well remember learning Houseman’s poem:

“In valleys of streams of rivers,
By Ony and Teme and Clun,
The country of easy livers,
The quietest under the sun”


I still have plenty of cousins in the Stourbridge area.

WJG 21/1/2003

© The Estate of William John Green, 2004