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'Alf Term
All Saints?
Ambiguous Intransitive
Fishy Hereafter
Here and There
Lament of the Old Choristers
Lemon Baptism
Ode to Wetwang
The Ostrich


bullet'Alf Term - dedicated to certain of the clergy who regard the academic calendar as having priority over the ecclesiastical one.
bulletAll Saints? - Well, not quite all!
bulletAmbiguous Intransitive - Some thoughts composed after receiving from my brother, then in Worcestershire, a postal packet, which, face-up on the doormat, showed as its most prominent feature, the words 'PLEASE DO NOT BEND' in turquoise ink. How to retrieve it without bending was the next problem!
bulletA Fishy Hereafter
bulletHere and There - Dedicated to the Met Office
bullet"IN THERE" - In the Age of Constipation...
bulletLament of the Old Choristers - Some feelings after suffering a superfluity of ecclesiastical jingles thought to be 'modern' whilst remembering having sung many of them under protest at 'seaside missions' in the thirties whilst the rest of the world was enjoying itself.
bulletLemon Baptism - Some lines written after reading that the Bishop of Salisbury, if asked to use the oil of chrism at a Baptism, will also want a bowl of water and 'a slice of lemon' to cleanse his fingers.
bulletLogorrhoea - Some lines written after a long meeting in Figheldean.

Ode to Wetwang - A poem read out on the 'Countdown' programme.

bulletTantalising - Thoughts about Tantalate of Yttrium
bulletThe Ostrich - Written after watching a television programme about wild life in the Namibian desert.