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All Saints?
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- well, not quite all!

Last night I lay a dreaming,
And dreamed a dream so fair.
I'd made it up to heaven, lads,
I'd climbed the golden stair;

I'd passed the pearly portals
('cos Peter was asleep),
And entered in that palace bright
Where Saints their watch did keep.

Matthew, Mark and Luke, lads,
And James and John and Paul,
All working at the jobs, lads,
That HE had given them all.

Matt, he was a-tottin'up
The heavenly V.A.T.,
And James and John were gutting fish
In case HE came to tea.

Paul was writing letters,
And Mark his pericopes;*
And Luke comparing prices
Of brand-new stethoscopes.

They all were very busy
Beside that timeless sea.
I was a bit put out because
They should have noticed me.

I coughed to claim attention,
But then, it was a blow,
When looking in astonishment,
They all exclaimed, "Oh NO!"

WJG. 994.

* (Pericope - A short passage for reading in church.)

The Estate of William John Green, 2004