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Now I am making the whole of creation new. (Rev. 21:5)

The book of Revelation, from which the Word of Life this month is taken, closes the collection of writings of the New Testament. In it the apostle, John, in the light of prophetic inspiration, reveals to us, in a broad outline, the events that the Church must face in the course of its journey and he explains their meaning. Even in the midst of wars and persecutions, the Church is heading towards 'a new heaven and a new earth'. (Rev. 21:1) The final stage of this journey is the fullness of the Kingdom of God. The present world will be radically renewed. The new world will come, where everything that impedes joy and fullness of life will be excluded. The previous state of human beings, marked by sin, error, tribulation, by need and by death, will forever come to an end together with the old world.

Now I am making the whole of creation new.

We do not know when and how this will come about and it is useless to want to investigate. But it will certainly take place. It is not a dream, or mere wishful thinking, but a certainty which is repeatedly affirmed by God in the Bible. It will be his response to the efforts of his children in working for his kingdom. It will be the crowning of the disciples' faithfulness in living his word. It will be the complete unfolding of the power of the Holy Spirit, which Jesus introduced into history by his death and resurrection.

Now I am making the whole of creation new.

Although in the midst of many difficulties, this renewal has already started with Jesus' coming on earth. It is already under way. From now on all those who allow Jesus to live in them - and Jesus lives in us if we put into practice his word - experience this miracle of his grace, which makes all things new. His grace transforms suffering into peace and interior serenity; it conquers weakness, hate, egoism, pride, avarice, and every evil. It makes us pass from the slavery of passions and fear to the joyful freedom of the children of God. His grace is not limited to transforming the individual person, but through him or her, it transforms all of society.

Now I am making the whole of creation new.

How can we live the Word of Life this month? It assures us that we are walking towards a new world which is already being prepared and built. Therefore it is far from being an invitation to non-commitment and escape from the world.

God wants to renew all things: our personal life, friendship, conjugal love, the family. He wants to renew social life, the worlds of work, education, culture, recreation, health, economy, politics; in short, all the sectors of human activity.

God needs us in order to do this. He needs people who allow his word to live in them, people who are his living word, people who are, you could almost say, another Jesus in their environment. Since charity is the fullness of the law and contains everything, let's try to put it into practice this month by loving our brothers and sisters as ourselves, without watering down the Word of God, without reducing it.

We will notice a continuous renewal first of all in our own heart and quite soon, we will see clear evidence of this renewal around us as well.

Chiara Lubich


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