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Other Word of Life Resources

A growing range of resources related to the Word of Life is now available. The links below are just a few of them:

  • The Chiara Lubich Centre has recordings of Chiara reading her commentaries. The default language of the web site is English. Chiara speaks in Italian, but translation is overlaid.

  • The Official International Focolare web site has the Word of Life commentary in Italian, English, Spanish, French and Portugese.

  • San Calogero Eremita is a web site that (among other things) features the Word of Life as a PowerPoint presentation with pictures and music. The site is in Italian, but you can use Google to get a rough translation into English. Note that the non-Italian language PowerPoints do not include the dialogue - just the pictures, captions, and background music. (Note that to get to the English Word of Life, you need to click the link on the original Italian page; not the Google translation!)

  • http://www.trentoardente.it/pdv/ - Word of Life reflections (In Italian)


Contributions towards the cost of publishing the Word of Life may be sent to:
Word of Life, 50 Dafforne Road, London, SW17 8TZ, UK., or
Word of Life, Ardmory, 30 Langside Drive, Glasgow, G43 2QQ. UK.

The Word of Life is published by the Focolare Movement